Airbnb Guest Robs Homeowner At Gunpoint In Georgia

(Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

Mariane Angela Entertainment And News Reporter
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An Airbnb guest allegedly robbed and tied up the homeowner in Gwinnett County, Georgia, Tuesday evening, according to authorities.

The homeowner alleged that a 26-year-old individual who had rented his basement through the popular room-sharing platform committed a theft and subsequently fled the scene, The Associated Press (AP) reported.

Less than an hour after the alleged thief arrived, he sent a text message to the homeowner, who was upstairs at the time, and claimed there was a plumbing issue with the toilet, according to The AP. When the homeowner went to check on the toilet, the renter pointed a gun at him, zip-tied him and took his wallet, The AP reported.

The incident underscores the dangers posed by online room-sharing platforms such as Airbnb. In 2021, a woman alleged that she was raped during her stay in a room she rented through Airbnb. (RELATED: Man Perfectly Recreates Jerry’s Apartment From ‘Seinfeld’ For Anyone To Rent)

The victim rented the place with her friends, as previously reported. She then went home to the rental alone since her friends were still out celebrating. After returning home, a man allegedly raped her, according to Bloomberg News. The woman was reportedly paid millions by Airbnb due to the incident.