13-Foot Python Spent Five Months Preying On Trailer Park Cats, Snake Wrangler Says

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Samuel Spencer Contributor
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A 13-foot python is on the loose in Oklahoma City, according to experts hired to extract the slithering monster away from a mobile home neighborhood.

Residents of a southeast Oklahoma City mobile home park have been on the hunt for a gigantic snake that is allegedly feeding off cats and other miscellaneous critters. For their own safety, snake wrangler Trevor Bounds has instructed residents not to attempt to capture the snake themselves, according to News On 6.

Red Beard’s Wildlife Solutions was hired to locate and remove the massive python that has reportedly been terrorizing the residential area for over five months.

“We’re talking, that thing has been eating opossums, foot-long rats, and cats,” Bounds told WFLA. “The mouth on that thing is the size of your foot and when it opens up you’re going to be able to fit something pretty large in there.”

The snake was most likely someone’s pet before it either escaped or was let loose, the outlet reported, citing experts. (RELATED: ‘A Whole Dinosaur’: Gargantuan Alligator Sparks Up Tense Moment After Staring Down Homeowner Through Front Door)

“The constricting is what can be the dangerous part,” Bounds said. “You can’t have small children or pets going near this thing that’s why this should’ve been tackled a whole lot sooner. Things could have gotten much worse.”

The wildlife control team is actively doing its best to locate the snake before any more cats go missing. While it is rare, python snakes are capable of killing humans and swallowing them whole, USA Today reported in 2017, citing Cornell Professor Dr. Harry W. Greene.

Bounds said the python plaguing the Oklahoma City neighborhood is the biggest one he’s ever been tasked with capturing.