‘Like His Little Puppet’: Julia Fox Claims Kanye West Used Her To Annoy His Ex

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Julia Fox claims in a recent interview that Kanye West used her to get back at his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, and that her relationship with the rapper was a farce.

“I thought ultimately I’d be helping a precarious situation, but I learned very quickly that I was being weaponized,” Fox said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times published Sept. 29. She said at the onset, her relationship with the rapper and fashion mogul seemed like it “could be something real,” but things quickly took a turn.

“I really understood him on a visceral level,” Fox told the outlet.

She said she believed she was helping Kanye through a tough time after his breakup with Kim Kardashian, but as time went on, she “just felt like his little puppet.”

The actress and model is on the cusp of releasing a book, entitled “Down the Drain,” that lightly touches on her relationship with West. Within the pages, she comments on how her romance with the star negatively affected her career, according to the LA Times.

Fox said she “know(s) for a fact I’ve been up for certain things and couldn’t do it because of dating Kanye. It’s kind of wild.”

As for their whirlwind relationship, she reminded fans it only lasted for a month and that it is nothing more than a part of her dating history.

“It really wasn’t that big of a deal, but other people made it such a big deal,” she told the outlet.

Fox said the alleged “weaponizing” dynamic is precisely “why the relationship only lasted a month,” according to a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

Fox also states in her memoir that the date with West she describes in Interview Magazine “was largely fictional and written at his team’s behest,” according to Rolling Stone.

That “fake” interview was a “red flag” to Fox, she told the outlet.

“When I realized what was happening, I was like, ‘I don’t want to be part of this.'”

Fox said that being a mom was part of the reason she ultimately ended things with West, and admitted she “probably would have stuck it out longer” if she “wasn’t a mom.” (RELATED: Julia Fox Says Men ‘Shouldn’t Even Be Allowed To Have Penises,’ Describes How She Would Kill Them)

She said she “made a lot of money” from benefits and promotions while dating West, but ultimately decided to walk away.

“If I was still that version of myself, I would have probably just been like, ‘It’s a good opportunity, just do it,” she told Rolling Stone. “Now that I’m a mom, I have a higher moral standard for myself.”

“Down the Drain” will be released Tuesday.