‘Let’s See Where The Facts Lie’: Rand Paul Warns Of Retaliating Too Quickly Against Iran


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Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul advised Israel and the United States to exercise caution as they weigh responses to the recent terror attack committed against them by Hamas.

Paul told Fox News host Jesse Watters on Monday that oftentimes countries can make hasty and unwise decisions in the immediate aftermath of tragedies.

“I do think that there is immediate reactions sometimes,” he said.

He said that “without question” Iran was involved in these attacks, but then cautioned that America also jumped the gun in blaming Iraq for 9/11. (RELATED: Biden Goes Radio Silent, Announces Early Lid As War Ravages Israel, Gaza)

“They said Iraq caused 9/11. Turned out Iraq didn’t have anything to do with 9/11. So, let’s see where the facts lie. Let’s investigate this, and let Israel need to do what they need to do, which is to have a punishing response to the people in Gaza, to say, ‘no more, we’re not gonna let this happen again,” Paul said.

Paul emphasized he has no empathy for the “thugs” in Gaza. However, he warned that American sanctions and assassinations of Iranian officials have not prevented the country from pursuing their goals, such as nuclear enrichment. He said that although Israel needs to protect their country, he warned against adopting the “Bomb them now. Bomb them everywhere” mentality.

He warned acting out of anger can cause the situation to get “worse.”

Hamas, operating out of the Gaza Strip, brutally attacked Israel with a barrage of missiles early Saturday. The terror organization also infiltrated the southern region of the country, took hostages and killed at least 900 Israeli citizens, according to ABC News. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war on Hamas in the hours following the attacks.