Coast Guard Discovers More ‘Presumed Human Remains’ Months After Titan Submersible Disaster

(Photo by JASON REDMOND/AFP via Getty Images)

Alexander Pease Contributor
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The United States Coast Guard (USGC) uncovered additional human body remains likely stemming from the wreckage of the Titan submarine disaster.

As part of an early October salvage mission that served as a “follow-up” to the “initial recovery” of the Titan submersible,  USGC divers secured “presumed human remains,” as well as additional evidence, according to a press release by the U.S. military branch. The newly found remains are to be transferred over for analysis by federal government medical officials.

The Coast Guard’s Marine Board of Investigation (MBI) carried out the dive due to a permission agreement with the U.S. Navy. Federal investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and officials from Canada’s NTSB equivalent, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, also attended the dive.

The MBI, NTSB and other unnamed investigative branches from around the globe are planning a joint review of the physical findings from the wreckage. (RELATED: ‘Ripe For An Investigation’: OceanGate Could Face Federal Probe Amid Worldwide Attention Of Disaster)

The Titan submarine vessel is believed to have imploded and subsequently delved into the North Atlantic on June 18, claiming the lives of everyone on board. Since the fatal incident, OceanGate, the owning operator of the Titan, is no longer open for business, according to The Associated Press. (RELATED: ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted The OceanGate Titanic Submersible Catastrophe In 1998, Kinda)

OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush passed away in the June tragedy, The AP noted.