New Dem Presidential Candidate Thinks Bestiality Should Be Legal (But Only If The Animal Enjoys It)


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur threw his very ineligible hat into the ring to primary President Joe Biden for the 2024 election, Wednesday. And many are already terrified of his policy platform.

Uygur announced his candidacy via social media, claiming that America needs “a new candidate now.” Obviously, that can’t be him, because Uygur was born in Istanbul, Turkey … and honestly, does America really want a president who is pro-bestiality?

In a clip that emerged during Uygur’s previous attention grab via political candidacy in 2019, he said, “I believe that if I were the benevolent dictator of the world, I would legalize bestiality where you are giving, you are pleasuring the animal.” The statement was made in 2013. And yes, it is as weird and gross as you’d imagine.

His co-host called the idea “the dumbest thing” Uygur has ever said. And ten years later, I have to agree. But then again, it appears that Uygur has said a lot of dumb things out loud. A clip posted under Uygur’s official campaign announcement shows him and his colleagues repeatedly using the N-word on their television show. (RELATED: Clinton Named Her ‘Gutsiest’ Woman In Politics, And It’s Laugh Out Loud Funny)

Obviously, every single person has said a lot of dumb stuff out loud. Some of us (myself included) have even said it on television. But I can’t think of anyone other than Uygur who is pro-animal shagging and loves using the N-word this much.