REPORT: Man Arrested After Allegedly Impersonating Lawyer, Practicing In Country’s High Court

Screenshot/YouTube/Citizen TV Kenya

Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Police in Kenya reportedly arrested a man after he allegedly stole a lawyer’s identity to practice law without a license, according to multiple outlets.

Brian Mwenda allegedly falsely presented himself as an advocate of the high court of Kenya, per Facts East Africa. 

“He argued 26 cases before High Court Judges, Magistrates, and Court of Appeal Judges,” Facts East Africa said. “He won all 26 of the cases,” the outlet reported. (RELATED: Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Lands Legal Analyst Role At NBC News)

Mwenda allegedly hijacked the identity of an actual lawyer, the Law Society of Kenya told Citizen TV Kenya. 

Mwenda reportedly entered into the Law Society of Kenya‘s computer system to apply for a license under the name of a real lawyer. The real lawyer, a member of the Law Society, doesn’t have a license because he reportedly works in the Attorney General’s office and doesn’t need one, per Citizen TV Kenya.

“We can confirm that we do not have an advocate by the masquerader Brian Mwenda’,” Eric Theuri, the president of the Law Society of Kenya told Citizen TV Kenya. “What we have is another advocate by the name Brian Mwenda Twega who was admitted in 2022 but had not taken out a practicing certificate,” Theuri said.

Theuri disputed the notion that Mwenda won 26 cases in a statement on Twitter, saying, “Allegations that the masquerader Brian Mwenda won 26 cases is false & misleading. There is no factual basis to support the misleading claims. Efforts to apprend [sic] him are in high gear & we are optimistic that he will be brought to book.”