There’s This Cool New Gen Z Trend Called *Checks Notes* Taking A Walk

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Guys, Gen Z just figured out how to go for walks without taking their phones, and apparently it’s blowing their minds.

The developed world can thank members of America’s Generation Z for some pretty amazing(ly dumb) stuff. The latest trend this youthful gaggle of weirdos is engaged in? Silent walks, according to the New York Post.

A “silent walk” is apparently the act of going for a walk without bringing your phone, without listening to music and with absolutely no type of technological distraction. For some reason, one member of this useless generation thinks going for walks is her idea … and we’re letting her believe that? The girl’s name is Mady Maio, and she needs a wake-up call.

@madymaio #stitch with @KENZIEELIZABETH WE’RE SILENT WALKING ALL SUMMER, BABE 🚶 #walkinggirls #girlswhowalk #meditativewalk #intentionalwalk ♬ original sound – Mady Maio

“Not me unintentionally starting a movement,” Maio told followers, either being absolutely hilariously funny with that pun … or being the dumbest piece of crap on the internet. I really can’t tell.

I am not 30 years old yet (I will be in 14 days), so I remember life before the cell phone, home internet and even before social media! Back in my day, going for walks without your phone was just called walking. (RELATED: Gen Z Women Are Totally Against Kids Getting Tattoos, But Are Fine With Puberty Blockers)

And wouldn’t ya know it, it’s still called walking! Maio didn’t invent anything, and she doesn’t deserve a round of applause for any of her content about walking. Quite frankly, encouraging young women to leave their phones at home in this day and age is downright stupid. Sure, cell phones are the root of a lot of problems. But they also help solve a lot of problems, like potentially tracking someone’s movements before they were kidnapped.

Anyway, I genuinely hope Maio is just pranking us with her video. If so, it’s absolutely brilliant. We could be watching the funniest new comic enter the scene. Or we’re dealing with a legitimately stupid, narcissistic young woman who will forever be remembered as her generation’s version of the “some countries don’t have maps” chick. I don’t know which one she is yet, nor how to form my full opinion. What’s yours?