‘Hungry For Leadership’ — Jim Jordan Gives Speech Before Third Vote Detailing Why The House Needs To Elect A Speaker

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan gave a speech Friday detailing why the House must elect a Speaker as soon as possible before a third vote on the House floor.

“People I think are starting to doubt and wonder about their government and about where our nation is headed. They see an open border. They see crime in the streets. They know what it costs to put gas in their car. They know what it costs to put food on the table. They see a war in Israel, our strongest ally Israel, what’s happening there and the help that Israel needs,” Jordan said in his speech.

“They see a government that’s been weaponized against We the People. The very government that is supposed to serve us has been turned on by the taxpayers who pay for it. I think the American people are thirsty for change. I think they are hungry for leadership. And frankly, they know that the White House can’t provide it. They know the Senate won’t lead and they’re looking for House Republicans to step up and lead and make change on these important issues,” he continued.

“We got important work to do. important work to do. We need to help Israel. We need to get the appropriations process moving so that the key elements of our government are funded and funded in the right way particularly our military we need to get back to our committee work. And frankly, we need to continue the oversight work that I think is so darn important. In short, we need to get to work for the American people. We need to do what we said we were going to do. We need to do what we told them we were going to do when they elected us and put us in office and frankly we can’t do that. If the house isn’t open. We can’t open the house until we get a speaker,” Jordan added.


Jordan announced Thursday his support for Speaker pro Tempore Patrick McHenry to be the temporary Speaker of the House until January after he failed to receive enough votes Wednesday to become the next Speaker of the House during the second round of voting.

The final quorum call put the House attendance at 432 for the first two votes, meaning 217 remains the majority threshold unless members voted “present” during the roll call vote for speaker. (RELATED: Jim Jordan To Back Patrick McHenry For Temporary Speaker Of The House, Will Remain Speaker Designee)

Jordan lost the first ballot for speaker on Tuesday, with 20 Republicans voting against him. (RELATED: Jim Jordan Fails To Receive Enough Votes For Speaker Of The House In First Round Of Votes)

Conservative donors told the Daily Caller on Monday night they are pledging to withhold funding from Republican House members who refuse to support Jordan for speaker. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Republicans Voting Against Jordan Are Doing It To ‘Spite Matt Gaetz,’ Members Say)

Jordan also said during his Friday speech that House Republicans should stay throughout the weekend to elect their next Speaker.