‘Get The F*ck Up’: 50 Cent Blasts Joe Biden For Vacationing At The Beach While The World Is In Utter Chaos

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Joe Biden is an utter fool — don’t take it from me, just ask 50 Cent.

Real name Curtis Jackson, the megastar rapper and entrepreneur blasted President Joe Biden on social media Sunday for being on yet another vacation while the globe is whirlpooling down the toilet.

Taking to Instagram, Jackson posted a photo of both Uncle Joe and First Lady Jill Biden chillin’ on Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.

“hey Joe get the fvck up, we in trouble man!” captioned Biden.

But is anybody surprised?

It’s the elitist Democrat way.

Who cares that war continues to blaze on in Ukraine and Israel, nevermind that Congress is completely out of whack, hell, who gives a damn that the United States economy is in shambles and it’s getting harder and harder to live because everything is so damn expensive … WHO CARES?!?!?

I just wanna go chill on the beach.

Total Democrat nonsense, and 50 gloriously called Biden out for it.


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This whole scene actually reminds me of Nancy Pelosi during the COVID-19 pandemic…



That’s just how Democrats are, man. Some of the most despicable people ever — if not the most despicable.

Hey, I’m all for capitalism and a rich man enjoying his wealth, even though a lot of Joe’s said wealth is sketchy as hell, but with Joe himself … if hypothetically he had the country in top-notch form (I giggled while writing that), I would be fine with him getting some relaxation after putting in some hard work.

But this dude’s taking a vacation (again) while the world is literally on the verge of World War III…

Just all willy nilly like nothing’s going on, like the CCP aren’t out here attempting to dominate the planet. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Gov. Doug Burgum Says Aaron Rodgers Told Him ‘I’m Playing’ This Season)

Problem after problem after problem, and this dude is on the beach.

Well … f*ck the rest of us then.