Israel Claims Hamas Has Launched More Than 6,000 Rockets Since Terror Attack, Over 500 Landing Inside Gaza

(Photo by THOMAS COEX/AFP via Getty Images)

John Oyewale Contributor
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Hamas has launched 6,300 rockets toward Israel since the Oct. 7 terror attack by the organization, an Israeli government spokesperson said in an Oct. 15 letter to the UN.

Ambassador Amir Weisbrod, Deputy Director of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ UN and International Organizations Division shared his letter Sunday on Twitter. The letter was addressed to Her Excellency Lucia Elmi, UNICEF Special Representative to the State of Palestine.

“Hamas terrorists have proudly videotaped themselves holding small children hostage and abducting them… They have even admitted to the wilful rape of Israeli children. Israelis, including children and even infants, have been burned alive… At the time of drafting this letter Hamas have viciously murdered 1300 Israelis, injured 3360 Israelis, and fired 6300 rockets on Israel,” the letter read in part.

Weisbrod further called for UNICEF to “send a clear and unambiguous message condemning these depraved and brazen crimes against humanity” and demanded “that Hamas be called out for what it is. Not a ‘militant group’, but a murderous terrorist organization cut from the same cloth as ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban. There is no difference, period.” He was still waiting for his demand to be met, he tweeted Sunday.

As of Sunday, the rocket figures have topped 7400, The Times of Israel reported. (RELATED: Prime Minister Netanyahu Vows To ‘Dismantle,’ ‘Obliterate’ Hamas As Troops Amass Along Border, Casualties Rise)

About 550 of the rockets fell short of reaching Israel, landing inside Gaza close to the border with Israel, according to an infographic tweeted by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). “The Hamas terrorist organization launches rockets from civilian infrastructure, areas and buildings in Gaza, injuring their own civilians,” the IDF tweeted.

A stray Hamas rocket meant for Israel was responsible for the Tuesday shelling of al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza, according to various analyses of geolocation data, live broadcasts, and other materials by the Washington Post, CNN, The Associated Press, as well as “[a]nalysis conducted independently” by Canada’s Department of National Defence. The Palestinian Authority, however, claimed Israel was responsible for the shelling. The number of the dead in the shelling is disputed, reportedly ranging between 50 and 500.