Watch College Kids Get Utterly Destroyed By Hispanics Over Socialism


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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If you’re not already scared for the future of the country, “Man vs. Street” host Malik Lahrim’s incredible October interviews with college kids and members of the Latin American community will terrify you.

It seemed like most American-raced little brats were pro-socialism, while those with real-world experience of what Marxism and socialism entail were vehemently against it. “When everybody’s feeding into one cause, like healthcare, education,” one woman told Lahrim.

“But at the expense of who?” Lahrim asked her, to which she replied, “The rich.” It was such an embarrassing moment for this young woman. And it shows how expertly stupid our education system has made these emerging generations. The same woman then claimed socialism works in other countries, but literally couldn’t name any.

“Most often, as we’ve seen in history, socialist practices can at times lead to communism, and that poses a lot of risks,” said another woman, restoring my faith in humanity for a moment.

But it was an older gentleman who really brought the whole problem home. He told Lahrim that these kids who support socialism need to travel to the countries that practice it and see how people are living, and how they’re complaining.

So many young people are manipulated into thinking that socialism works and far-leftist Marxist ideals are a good thing, even though these concepts only lead to the destruction of civilization and functional society when put into practice. (RELATED: You’ll Scream While Watching Idiots Answer Questions About Whether Obesity Can Be Healthy)

I get it, I was one of those kids once, sort of. Let’s pray these kids grow up and get over their ignorance as quickly as possible, so they don’t destroy the country even faster than they already are.