Strange UFO Pattern Baffles Beachgoers In Wales


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A bizarre UFO pattern appeared on a beach in Wales on Wednesday, baffling visitors due to its sheer size and intricacy.

The pattern appeared on the Broad Haven Beach in Pembrokeshire, according to the Western Telegraph. In the center is a six-meter wide skull, which is encircled with a cryptic code. “Ancient cultures used circular symbols like Norse runic circles and Hindu mandalas, but some of the elements in this design are more modern,” cipher expert Dr. Jonathan Melville told the outlet.

“The ancient Celts had no knowledge of computer structures, nor did they require them, which is why this design seems of non-human origin. This code is for those who possess a deep curiosity to unveil extra-terrestrial messages — only the truly intrepid will decode its secret meaning,” he continued.

Listen, I’m from Wales, and I have a feeling I know what one of my fellow countryfolk is up to … the Welsh are descendants of Druids, Celts and Fairies, so we like good music and a fun prank here and there. Some creative-minded individual probably looked down at Broad Haven one afternoon and thought, “Well, there’s no one around … might as well do a UFO drawing, init?”

Then they told their mam they’d be back in a minute now, and went about making this thing. Let’s be honest, artistic pursuits are better than going to the pub. The artist was probably home in time for a cuppa before bed, and is really enjoying all the funny press coverage they’re getting today. (RELATED: Pentagon AARO Director Releases Bizarre UFO Footage)

In fact, it’s most likely just a promotional prank for the Beavertown Brewery, founded by Logan Plant in 2011, the son of Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant. The establishment is encouraging locals to decode the cipher for their chance to win £100 (roughly $120) vouchers to spend on beer and merch, the Western Telegraph reported.