Man Claims He Didn’t Realize He Was Stabbed By British Football Hooligans


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A Welsh man went viral on Twitter after his friend filmed him allegedly realizing he’d been stabbed during a fight Saturday evening.

A video of the stabbing was shared on Twitter and amassed more than 1.4 million views in less than a day. David Davison didn’t realize he was stabbed in the shoulder by football hooligans Saturday night in Swansea, South Wales, until his friend, Steve Colarusso, asked what was wrong with his back, he told the Daily Caller.

“Dai, what the f**k is that in your back?” Colarusso asked, before pointing out that Davison has a fork from a fish n’ chip shop sticking out of his back. You can watch the full clip here, but fair warning, it contains a lot of curse words.

“Are you f**king taking the p**s? I thought he f**king punched me in the f**king shoulder! I can’t believe he stabbed me the c**t!” Davison says in his native Welsh accent, before saying, “Awh that’s f**king stinging like a c**t that is. F**ks sake, I’m fuming [angry] Steve.”

Davison’s friend then attempts to convince him to go to the local hospital’s accident and emergency room. Davison refuses medical care due to the long wait times to be seen by a doctor, “I’ll be there eight hours!” His friend comments that the fork looks like an ariel sticking out of his shoulder, concluding the short video. (RELATED: Video Reportedly Shows Bride Smiling Awkwardly As Guests Are Stretchered Out Of Cannabis-Laced Wedding Party)

“When I’ve had a couple of Budweisers and a few Pringles I’m invincible like Bruce Willis in ‘Unbreakable,‘” Davison told the Daily Caller. It’s unclear whether the video is real or staged, but considering that Davison is originally from Llanelli and the fight reportedly took place near the train station, it’s probably real (Llanelli and Swansea are two of the roughest hometowns ever).

Davison runs a fairly successful TikTok page that largely focuses on social commentary and videos from out and about in Swansea and Llanelli. He began making videos during the lockdown as a way to have fun, according to WalesOnline, and has since amassed a following of more than 200,000 people.