CNN Interviews Local Maine Man Who Says In ‘Situations Like This, I Wish I Had A Firearm’


Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A local Maine man who lives minutes away from where the deadly Wednesday night shootings took place told CNN on Thursday that in “situations like this, I wish I had a firearm.”

Forty-year-old Robert Card is wanted by police after they identified him as a person of interest in the deadly mass shooting. Authorities have not been able to track Card down and are warning residents to remain indoors until they apprehend him.

The suspect allegedly went to two separate locations Wednesday night, including a bowling alley, where he allegedly fatally shot at least 16 individuals and injured dozens more.

CNN’s Senior Crime and Justice correspondent Shimon Prokupecz was reporting from Lisbon, Maine, in the area where the suspect’s car was found abandoned. (RELATED: Media, Politicians Chronically Mislead On Total Number Of ‘Mass Shootings,’ Data Analysis Shows)

“There is so much concern around this area,” Prokupecz said. “Take a listen to my conversation with one of the residents here as he talked about his concerns.”

“It is just, nerves are rattled right now,” a Lisbon resident identified only as Cory said. “Keeping an eye on the woods because I know those woods down there, they go — run right back here. And I got my daughter inside.”

“How old is your daughter?”

“She is 10-years-old. And my oldest daughter, she works at the Walmart DC, too, and I had to message her, find out if she is okay. It is very unnerving right now.”

“Seeing those officers with the long guns walking through —” Prokupecz said.

“That actually made me feel better. Seeing the cops coming around here, that makes me feel a million times better. And the situation like this, I wish I had a firearm,” Cory said.