‘A Failed Presidency’: Mike Johnson Says He ‘Can’t’ Name One Successful Biden Policy As US Enters ‘Dangerous Time’

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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House Speaker Mike Johnson called out President Joe Biden’s “failed” term on Thursday on “Hannity,” stating there was “almost no policy” he would agree with the president on.

Johnson sat down with Fox News host Sean Hannity to discuss various topics, including where he plans to guide the House for his term as speaker. However, when discussing his first meeting with the president, he noted that while it was “cordial and pleasant” he does not view this administration as successful.

“I’d only met him once before. It was cordial and pleasant. I have no problem with President Biden as an individual, right? You respect the office. It’s a biblical admonition that you give honor where honor is due and that’s the honest — the respect that we have for the office,” Johnson stated.

“But he and I agree on almost no policy. So we didn’t get into that too much today, Sean, but there’ll be time for that in the days ahead.”

Hannity followed up on Johnson’s comments by asking him if he could think of “one thing” that Biden has done a “really good job on.” To which Johnson responded by stating he could not, blaming the issues on policy choices. (RELATED: The Most Important Lesson House Republicans Need To Take Away From The Speaker Vote)

“I can’t, I can’t. I think it’s been a failed presidency and all the problems, some of those that you’ve articulated already at the outset of the program here, were caused by policy choices, and that’s the problem I have with him,” Johnson continued. “It’s philosophical.”

Johnson notably commented on the alleged “cognitive decline” of Biden that many in the public have already noticed, stating that while he is aware of the “reality,” America can not afford to “project weakness.”

“I mean it’s not a personal insult to him. It’s just reality and this is what’s concerning to us is that we cannot project weakness of any kind on the world stage right now,” Johnson stated. “This is a dangerous time.”

Johnson also discussed border issues, the economic status of America, and his plans on how to effectively guide the House.