‘I Like Tucker’: Hannity Bickers With Ramaswamy, Says He’s ‘Not Qualified To Be President’

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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An interview between Fox News host Sean Hannity and Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy got heated Thursday.

Ramaswamy told Hannity that candidates whose “campaign is principally being run by super PACs” do not “[fit] the Republican Party,” acknowledging he and the host have “a different view.” Ramaswamy also said people “making money off [their] time in government” are not “fit to be president.”

Hannity criticized Ramaswamy for not voting Republican until 2020, to which Ramaswamy replied he “comes in from the outside” and is “not a partisan hack.” The Fox News host then said Ramaswamy seems to ” just want to jump from the private sector,” where he “made a lot of money,” int0 politics. (RELATED: Republican Presidential Candidate Agrees To Debate Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna)

“One of the things I loved about that interview with Tucker,” Ramaswamy retorted. “We were actually able to have a thoughtful conversation.”

“Praise Tucker all you want,” Hannity interrupted. “I like Tucker. I’ve gotten along great with him.”

Ramaswamy warned Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson on Monday the Israel-Hamas conflict may lead to a third world war, emphasizing the “vulnerability” of the United States to similar attacks. The candidate reiterated to Hannity his priority of “avoiding World War III.”

Hannity also said Ramaswamy “[denies] his own words,” possibly referencing Ramaswamy’s retaliation Thursday against a Washington Free Beacon article he claimed pulled quotes “out of context.” Ramaswamy doubled down on his opposition, thanking Hannity for being “transparent about [his] objectives” and criticizing the anchor for “buying the mainstream media narrative.”

“I think people that never held public office, like you, they’re not qualified to be president,” Hannity asserted abruptly after quickly dismissing Ramaswamy’s appearance.