‘My Life’s Biggest Regret’: Kris Jenner Admits Cheating On Ex-Husband Was Her Worst Move

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Kris Jenner admits she regrets cheating on her late first husband, Robert Kardashian Sr., in Thursday’s episode of “The Kardashians.”

Jenner expressed remorse while speaking candidly with her daughter, Khloe Kardashian, on the hit reality show. Jenner infamously cheated on her then-husband Robert Kardashian Sr. and later went on to marry Olympian Bruce Jenner, who transitioned in 2015 and is now known as Caitlyn. Kris spoke of her first husband and her infidelity.

“He was such a great husband and such a great dad, and I think that I fell into a situation where I thought that the grass was greener somewhere else,” Jenner said.

Kris discussed how her decision to cheat on her first husband seemed harmless at the time, but proved to be a move she now regrets. The reality TV star and manager cheated on Robert Sr. with Hollywood animator Todd Waterman in 1989, according to People.

“What was your mindset when you cheated?” Khloe asked Kris. “When you did that with my dad, and you had four kids and you had a family? Yes, I know you were really young…”

“Being really young and dumb is something that plays into it because you don’t really understand the consequences of your actions,” Kris answered.

Khloe was apparently unsatisfied with her mother’s answer and pressed her further.

“But what was my dad not doing that made you want to look elsewhere?” she asked.

Kris admitted her past faults and laid it all out for her daughter.

“I don’t know because he was such a great husband and such a great dad, and I think that I fell into a situation where I thought that the grass was greener somewhere else, and I made a huge mistake,” she said.

Kris made a bold statement about the affair and how she feels about the matter now: “That’s my life’s biggest regret,” she revealed.


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The topic continued in a confessional with Kris on “The Kardashians.” (RELATED: Kris Jenner Admits To Manipulating Corey Gamble’s Career Out Of Sheer Insecurity)

“When I got divorced, Robert and I became best friends. We talked on phone all day long, helped each other through things all the time, and I did have regrets,” Kris told the camera.

“I thought, ‘Wow, what I was thinking?'”

Kris has seemingly made peace with her behavior and has attempted to draw on the positive aspect of the path she chose.

“I’m not proud of way I behaved during that time, but you know what? Everything happens for a reason,” she said. “I really do live my life by thinking God has a plan, and without that whole thing happening, there never would’ve been Kendall and Kylie [Jenner],” she said.

Kris and Caitlyn met in 1990, one year before she divorced Robert Sr. She recently told The Times they “hit it off right at the beginning, and we were married after five and a half months.” Robert Sr. passed away from esophageal cancer in 2003 at the age of 59.