The Fall Classic Is Here! Andrew Powell Makes His 2023 World Series Pick

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The World Series is here, ladies and gentlemen!

Yeah, it might be an incredibly boring matchup on paper between the Arizona Diamondbacks (84-78) and Texas Rangers (90-72), but it’s still the Fall Classic, and despite the lack of marketability, there’s some sexiness here with how both teams beat powerhouses to get to this point.

For the Diamondbacks, they not only took out the mighty 100-win Los Angeles Dodgers, but they swept them at that to achieve a truly historic upset. On the flip side with the Rangers, they had to get past the defending champion Houston Astros (who also happen to be their AL West and in-state rival) in an absolute thriller of a seven-game ALCS. So coming in, both have massive marquee victories while being Cinderella stories.

At first glance, it looks like a pretty equal series, so who am I taking to win the Commissioner’s Trophy?

The Rangers are the favorites coming in because the Diamondbacks are the less-talented team, but in Arizona’s defense, they’ve shown throughout the entire postseason that you can’t sleep on them — and Texas mustn’t make that mistake, just like the Dodgers did.

The biggest thing that the Rangers need to focus on for success is getting out to early leads, you don’t wanna go up against that Arizona bullpen, who is in an absolute groove right now, in late innings — close games with the stress of big plays and crucial moves, it’s just best to not allow yourself to be put into that situation if you’re Texas. Do NOT let the D-Backs hang around, that’s key.

Do I think the Rangers will put that off? (RELATED: Jaguars Or Steelers? Browns Or Seahawks? Bengals Or 49ers? Andrew Powell Makes His NFL Week 8 Picks)

Mm… yeah… yeah… I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit hesitant. But ultimately I think they’ll accomplish what I laid out in at least four games, which is obviously enough to get the job done. They’re the better team, they’re loaded with firepower on offense and have two studs doing a hell of a job of flamin’ the way for the rotation.

With that being said, give me the Rangers, but it’s gonna come in a complete dogfight.