Video Shows Deer Rampaging Through Wisconsin Restaurant As Diners Scramble To Clear The Way

Screenshot/Associated Press

Matthew Xiao Contributor
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A deer barged into a Wisconsin restaurant packed with diners and took a brief tour around the dining area and the kitchen before dashing out through a back door, according to The Associated Press. 

The deer was caught on video crashing through the front window of a bustling Noodles & Company in Beloit, Wisconsin, on Tuesday around noon, according to the outlet

The footage showed diners looking toward the front window after they heard glass shattering. Most started running toward a nearby exit once they saw the unexpected patron, while a man stood up on his seat and pointed at it. 

After scattering the crowd, the deer made its way into the kitchen and seemed to be looking for an exit. A quick-thinking employee reportedly opened a back door, from which the deer escaped. (RELATED: Three-Legged Bear Raids Home, Drinks Alcoholic Beverages Out Of Fridge)

Despite causing quite a commotion, the incident did not result in any injuries, a spokesperson for the restaurant told the outlet. The restaurant has resumed its operations after a thorough cleaning, the spokesperson added. 

The restaurant reportedly commemorated the deer visit by offering a “2 Buck Mac & Cheese” special the following day. 

Earlier in October, security footage captured a black bear wandering into a grocery store at a gas station in Canada, grabbing a pack of gummy bears, and then leaving without paying.