Iranian Teen Dies After Allegedly Being Assaulted By Police For Skirting Dress Code

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Alexander Pease Contributor
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A teenage Iranian girl reportedly passed away in a military hospital after allegedly being assaulted by police for allegedly disobeying the Islamic Republic’s strict dress code.

Armita Geravand, 16, was allegedly attacked by state police officers Oct. 1 at a Tehran subway station for allegedly not wearing the headscarf women residing in the country are required by law to don, CBS News reported. Geravand died after 28 days in an intensive care unit at the hospital in the capital.

Geravand’s father was quoted saying his child had “no hope of recovery” after learning the teen was “likely brain dead,” according to the outlet. (RELATED: ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’: Blinken Announces New Sanctions Against Iran Related To Nationwide Protests, Deaths Last Year)

Reports conflict as to what exactly happened to the high school student, but the story told by friends and witnesses is that the incident stemmed from the early October trip on the metro with two friends.

During that ride, Geravand was reportedly approached by a female officer from a local state law enforcement organization known as “Guardians of Hijab” for failing to adhere to the headscarf dress code policy, per the outlet. The guard allegedly severely beat the high schooler as she reportedly lay against the subway doors to the point of her losing consciousness, per the outlet. (RELATED: Biden Admin Investigating Official Accused Of Being Iranian Spy After Previously Saying She Was ‘Properly Vetted’)

Surveillance camera footage released by Iranian state media shows the teen entering the station with friends, but then being dragged out of the train by multiple people onto a different platform.

Geravand’s parents maintained that she was not beaten, but instead she faced a medical emergency pertaining to a drop in blood pressure, supposedly causing her to hit her head on the subway.