American Jews And Israelis Are Snatching Up Guns At Dramatic Rate, Los Angeles Shop Owner Says

JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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American Jews and Israelis in Los Angeles are snatching up firearms at a dramatically increased rate, said the manager for Burbank Ammo and Guns.

Eric Fletcher notes the recent rise in antisemitism since the attack on Israel has triggered a spike in sales of firearms for Jewish residents that are taking steps to protect their families, according to TMZ. In addition to the uptick at the cash register, Fletcher noted a high proportion of sales in the past two weeks have been first-time gun owners.

Jewish Americans and Israelis are feeling the scrutiny and appear to be taking steps to ensure their own safety in the face of the current crisis.

Fletcher cites significant sales increases, noting that this month alone, his store has processed 194 firearm safety certificate tests, and this number continues to grow quickly, according to TMZ. His location processed just 45 tests in total in October of 2022, by comparison. The tests are a requirement for anyone purchasing a gun for the first time, so the increase is a direct representation of first-time buyers.

Fletcher estimated that roughly 75% of the clients he sees now are Jewish American or Israeli, and noted that many of them are women. A significant number of patrons include entire families that come in together to take a unified step in creating a greater sense of security amid troubled times, according to TMZ.

The staggering surge in gun sales has led to a shortage of stock, and has left the shop scrambling to ensure they can keep up with this sudden spike in demand. Fletcher reported handguns were the most popular firearms that were purchased in his store.

The Hamas attack on Israel October 7 had led to a wave of attacks on the Jewish community in America, and abroad, which correlates with the demand on local gun shops. (RELATED: Bella Hadid Breaks Her Silence After Receiving Death Threats For Supporting Palestine)

Advocacy group Anti-Defamation League noted that antisemitic incidents in the United States have risen by nearly 400% since the start of the war in Israel.