‘You Know How I Feel About Transgenders’: UFC Champ Promises To ‘Fix’ Bud Light’s Image After Marketing Disaster


Samuel Spencer Contributor
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After an abysmal partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, Bud Light sponsored the UFC and Middleweight Champion Sean Strickland, the “biggest advocate of biological females,” has some things to say.

Late last week, Strickland learned he and his team are now sponsored by beer giant Bud Light. While many see the sponsorship as a hypocritical involvement with arguably the most controversial UFC fighter, Strickland sees the bright side, claiming he is going to “fix” Bud Light.


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The Instagram video shows Strickland talking about the new partnership, saying, “I am so fucking proud of guys for doing the right things after that fuck up. You know how I feel about transgenders.” (RELATED: REPORT: Distributors Giving Up On Bud Light As They No Longer Expect Beer Giant To Recover From Dylan Mulvaney Fiasco)

Strickland has previously stated that he does not support the transgender movement.

“Here’s the thing, women are born not made, transgenders are mentally ill and society should never accept this as normal,” he previously wrote on Twitter.

Many boycotted Bud Light and the company’s sales plummeted after the partnership with Mulvaney.