Tucker, Theo Von Talk Everything From Big Pharma To Shower Etiquette In New Interview

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Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson talked with stand-up comedian and podcaster Theo Von about everything ranging from Big Pharma and shower etiquette to the erection-inducing properties of oral nicotine pouch brand Zyn.

In the new episode posted Tuesday, Von and Carlson talked about a range of lighthearted topics while also delving deeply into concerns about the future of the United States.

Within the first few minutes, Carlson asked Von to identify the fattest person with whom he has ever showered. The topic came up as the two discussed things they’d rather not see on Twitter.

“You don’t want to see fat people in the shower, you don’t want to see people on the john, there’s a lot of things that happen that you don’t want to necessarily take a video of,” Carlson said, with Von responding that he finds the sight of fat people showering with skinny people to be comical.

“What is the fattest person you’ve showered with?” he asked.

“Probably a good … trying to remember…” Von said.


“Real fat or just kind of bulky?” Carlson asked. (RELATED: Tucker Reveals He Was Not Expecting To Get Fired, Says He Was ‘Shocked’ 

“Probably just bulky,” Von replied, adding that the woman in question was less than 200 pounds.

The two discussed the loss of unity in the U.S., with Carlson lamenting Americans’ divided loyalties and the loss of a cohesive identity. The Daily Caller co-founder also said that Americans should show the same outrage for suffering in the U.S. that they do for the war in Israel.

“I do wish that people reserved their anger for our leaders who deserve it — in my opinion, on both sides — and for the problems that are upsetting the country. Have you driven through America recently, it’s not in good shape at all. It’s kind of poor, actually. Shockingly poor,” he said. “And people should be really mad about that, and instead they’re mad about, whatever, Israel, Hamas. I mean, I get it, I understand why people are upset on both sides. However, it’s unhealthy to spend all your time in your head enraged by a foreign conflict when your own country is suffering so badly.”

The two went on to discuss corruption in Big Pharma, substance abuse, the COVID vaccine and a range of other issues.

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