CNN’s Senior Data Reporter Says Biden’s ‘Double-Digit Decline’ Amongst Voting Block Is Dangerous In 4 Key States

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN’s Senior Data reporter Harry Enten said President Joe Biden’s “double-digit decline” amongst black voters puts him in a dangerous position in four key states as he tries to win re-election.

Enten noted that black voters in South Carolina helped Biden “launch” his 2020 race but that since winning the election, his approval rating among black voters in the state has dropped significantly.

“His rating come election time in 2020 among black voters in South Carolina was 86%. Look where his job approval rating is today among black voters in that state. It’s just 63%, an over 20 point drop,” Enten said. “Now the question I had was we see this in South Carolina, do we see it nationally? And yes, we do. So, okay. National, black voters with a positive view of Joe Biden, favorable rating in October/November of 2020, 82%. Look where his job approval rating is today. That same 63% that we see in the state of South Carolina.” (RELATED: ‘Very, Very Significant’: A Quiet New Move Could Spell Disaster For Biden With Black Voters)


“Yeah. Views on the economy not helping Biden for sure. What about a hypothetical Biden/Trump matchup?” co-host Poppy Harlow asked.

“You know, it’s one thing when we’re looking in the singular with just Joe Biden, right? But what happens when we match up Biden versus Trump? This is nationally. In the 2020 pre-election surveys, Biden had a 75-point lead over Donald Trump. Look where we are today. Biden with just a 54-point lead over Donald Trump. So again we have seen again a double-digit decline. Now, what states are we looking at that may be most important for black voters? Black voters were 10 percent plus of 2020 voters in these key states. Georgia 29%, North Carolina 23%, Michigan 12%, and Pennsylvania 11%. So the decline among black voters that we have seen for Joe Biden could see a big effect in these key swing states and it’s just part of the reason why the race between Biden and Trump is so close.”

Several other polls also paint a grim picture for Biden amongst black voters, with a Fox News poll showing Biden leading 74% to 26% amongst black voters in a hypothetical matchup with Trump, down from his 90% lead back in 2020. An Associated Press poll from May also showed that black voters were slowly moving toward Trump.