‘I Was F*cking It Up’: John Stamos Reveals The Shocking Thing He Called Elizabeth Taylor To Her Face On Set


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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John Stamos admitted to insulting Elizabeth Taylor on the set of “General Hospital,” but at first he didn’t know who he had been rude to.

The “Full House” star recalled the incident during a recent episode of Sirius XM’s, “The Jess Cagle Show,” and described how annoyed he was by Taylor moments before he uttered a rude comment. Stamos remembered the moment he was trying to get through a difficult scene when Taylor distracted him.

“I heard this rustling, and I couldn’t get through the scene,” he said. “I was fucking it up. I couldn’t get to that emotional place, and I heard rustling, and I heard a pop like this, and then I was like, ‘Get that old lady out of my eye line!’ and the old lady was Elizabeth Taylor,” he said.

Stamos explained what led to his frustration on the set of the ABC soap opera.

“She’d been on the show, and she was friends with Tony Geary,”  he said about Taylor.

“It was one of those scenes where it was the first time when my mother was dying in the show, and I never really experienced that, and I was trying to say, ‘My mother’s dead. My mother’s dead,’ in my head, and my head was like, ‘No she’s not. She’s teaching CCD down in Orange County,” he said, describing his inability to focus.

Stamos noted Taylor had “popped a bottle of champagne in the director’s chair” before he yelled at her.


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The famous actor also touched on this experience within the pages of his new memoir, “If You Would Have Told Me,” and noted he discovered who Taylor was well after the embarrassing encounter thanks to his costar Chris Robinson, according to People.

“I can’t believe I lost my shit in front of Elizabeth Taylor. My dad is going to kill me,” he wrote in his memoir, according to TooFab.

As for what happened next, Stamos admitted he felt the pinch of his mistake. (RELATED: ‘Playing Dead So They’ll Stop’: John Stamos Says Babysitter Sexually Assaulted Him)

“I mute my tantrum, apologize profusely, make some excuse about calling her old, then slither back to the set and continue the scene. This time, I cry my eyes out,” Stamos wrote.

The awkward moment he called out the Hollywood legend for being in his eye line during filming is one he won’t soon forget. Taylor died in March 2011.