Media Outlet Claims It’s A ‘Right Wing Grift’ To Think Murder Is Murder

Chrissy Clark Contributor
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A professional hockey player was killed on live TV and the Daily Beast is claiming that any outrage over this man’s death comes from “right-wing grifters” trying to capitalize on a black man killing a white man, according to Outkick.  

Here are the facts. Two players, Adam Johnson and Matt Petgrave, were about to collide when Petgrave responded by shoving his foot, in the air, toward Johnson’s upper body. Unless I’m a bad Canadian and failed to watch enough hockey in my youth, I don’t think kung fu is a part of ice hockey. 

I think this was a deliberate decision by a man who had a history of out-of-bounds aggression on the ice, and that’s saying something because we’re talking about hockey. 

The media is just missing the mark on this because there’s race involved. It doesn’t matter what race these people are. Murder is murder. 

If these people are so interested in nuance, maybe they should apply some of it to Daniel Penny, who was accused of second-degree manslaughter for a routine chokehold on a man who was threatening to kill people on a subway train.

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