Scientists Believe That Parts Of An Alien Planet Could Be Inside The Earth: REPORT

(Photo by -/NASA/AFP via Getty Images)

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This is wild.

Apparently, the planet Earth — yes, our world — has continent-sized chunks of an alien planet hiding deep within, which could also explain the strange structures that appear to be around the core of the Earth, according to Business Insider.

It’s long been a hypothesis by scientists that a planet named Theia, which was around the size of Mars, smashed into our planet 4.5 billion years ago, which led to the moon being created. However, this theory hasn’t been proven due to the difficulty of doing so — and that’s because for a long time, it was thought that Theia completely disappeared during the collision with Earth, Business Insider noted. (RELATED: Outright Unbelievable Video Shows A UFO Crash That Looks Like It’s Straight Out Of A Bad Sci-Fi Movie)

Now, a simulation from a supercomputer shows evidence that parts of Theia may still be in the boundary that’s located in the middle of our world’s core and mantle.

Scientists hope that their findings will shed light on Earth‘s inner workings, and they’re also hoping that they will someday access slabs of the alien rock to figure out how our moon was created.

This is some incredibly interesting stuff, and it also makes you think about the possibility of another planet smashing into Earth one day. Man, could you imagine the damage…

Yeah, I’m good on that.