EXCLUSIVE: Senate Republicans Release Behind-The-Scenes Footage From Latest Border Trip

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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A group of Senate Republicans visited the border and broke down what they witnessed on a recent trip to the southern border, saying illegal aliens are showing up from across the world by the millions and warning of a potential influx of terrorists from Hamas or Hezbollah.

The Daily Caller first obtained a behind-the-scenes video of the GOP Senator’s late October trip to McAllen, Texas, on the U.S.-Mexico border. Wyoming Republican Sen. John Barrasso mentioned that a few days before they arrived at the border, agents were able to seize illegal immigrants carrying IEDs, explosive devices. He said they are “tailor-made for terrorism” and “were the size of cannonballs.”

“What you see here is a truckload of illegal immigrants coming into the country tonight after midnight. Two hundred and seventy thousand this month alone, these are all-time records. We’re going down among the brush where people try to really escape detection This is the most likely area for terrorists and drug smugglers to come across. Joe Biden’s not doing a thing about it. Republicans in the Senate are committed to securing the border because national security means border security,” Barrasso says in the video.

Under President Joe Biden there have been a reported 8 million illegal border crossings, which is equivalent to the metropolis of New York City. There have also been 6.3 million encounters and over 1.7 million “got-aways” since Biden took office.

“With the war waging in Israel, the border patrol has sent out formal guidance saying be on the look-out for Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists,” Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says. “People are showing up here from around the world, and the placed in the interior of our country, literally by the millions.


“They’re being told to enforce the border without the ability to force the border. They all acknowledged having paid someone. A substantial percentage of the women and girls are sexually assaulted, and many of them are subjected to human sex trafficking. There’s no better time than right now to reverse course. They can do it and they should, and they must,” Utah Sen. Mike Lee said in the video. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Feds Flagged Nearly 75,000 Illegal Migrants As Potential National Security Risks)

In the past 23 months since the beginning of Fiscal Year 2022 there have been at least 269 known or suspected terrorists that have been apprehended between ports of entry at the border and likely many more among the “got-aways.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Burlison Introduces Legislation That Allows States To Fight Back Against Biden’s Immigration Policies)

“Around the world, people know our border is open, and they’re speaking to seek asylum,” Nebraska Sen. Pete Ricketts said.