‘Pushin’ My Seat!’: Video Of Heated Argument Sparks Debate Over Airplane Manners

Screenshot/New York Post

Matthew Xiao Contributor
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A video showing a heated dispute over reclining airplane seats has gone viral on social media, the New York Post reported Thursday. 

A woman can be heard loudly confronting two passengers sitting behind her, one of whom allegedly tried to push her seat upright multiple times during the flight, according to the outlet

“The whole trip she pushin’ my seat,” the woman said to the male passenger, referring to the female passenger beside him. The video then shows the male passenger putting his hands up and replying, “Both of y’all was doing the same thing.”

The woman suddenly stood up and shouted, “No, you seen it! You know she did! I’m allowed to put my seat back! I’m allowed to put my seat back!”

The clip ended after the woman said, “I’m allowed to put my seat back” one more time and turned around. 

The incident has reignited the longstanding debate over whether passengers can recline seats on the airplane, the New York Post noted. (RELATED: Plane Passenger Goes Viral For Hitting The Seat Of Woman Who Reclined In Front Of Him)

One person wrote on X, “I mean if she wasn’t allowed to put her seat back then why was the seat adjustable??”. 

Another agreed, adding that “you don’t kick the seat like a baby. Blame the airline, not the person doing what the airline says is fine.”

Others were more sympathetic to the two passengers shouted at in the video, with one X user arguing that “putting your seat back in coach is an unspoken thing most people don’t do.”

“It’s really the airlines fault because they’ve made coach so cramped and tight that putting the seat back shouldn’t even be an option,” the user added. 

Another suggested that being allowed to do something does not mean that one should do it. 

“I’m *allowed* to sneeze on a crowded train and not cover my nose,” the user said, noting that “reclining on a plane is selfish.”