‘No Understanding Of God’s Honor’: Jon Voight Slams Daughter Angelina Jolie Over Her Israel Comments


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Actor Jon Voight took a swipe at his daughter Angelina Jolie over her recent comments on the Israel-Hamas war.

Voight released a video Friday, saying that his daughter did not understand the conflict in Israel. He said that Jolie had “no understanding of God’s honor” and did not grasp how the attacks from terrorist group Hamas could destroy “the land of the Jews.” (RELATED: Fans Slam Selena Gomez’s Post About The Israel-Hamas War)

“This is justice for God’s children of the holy land,” Voight said in reference to the ongoing Israel-Hamas War.

He said that the Israeli army must protect their land, despite the protests from the left, citing the “inhuman terror” from Hamas. He noted that those arguing that Israel is the “problem” should look inwards to reflect on God’s “truths.” He said that those who see the truth understand that Israel is the victim in this conflict, and that women, children and babies were unjustifiably massacred on October 7th.

He also added that Palestinians, “are not being neglected” and that they have been given large “infusions of money” that they’ve  allocated to building weapons instead of providing for their people. He continued that even though everyone should want peace, there’s no way to achieve such goals with “animals” such as Hamas attacking Jews and Christians to eliminate them from the Earth.

He lamented on the “lie” that Israel is holding citizens of Gaza hostage, when they are “free to go.” Conversely, Voight claims that Hamas uses the Palestinian civilians as “shields” during their military conflicts against the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

“These children of Palestinian soil are being used by these animals to make all think that Israel is taking lives, when indeed this was Hamas’ plan to create the war of evil versus good,” he said.

He added that Hamas initiated the attacks on Israel which lead to the current war, and that the Jewish people who have endured oppression and hardship for centuries are fighting to defend themselves. He stated that Israel, “the land of purity God’s promise” will win the war.

Celebrities have been outspoken about the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. A whole slew of entertainers, including Gal Gadot and Jerry Seinfeld, signed onto an open letter condemning the Hamas attacks in the wake of the October 7th attacks. Weeks later, Hollywood heavy-hitters urged Biden to secure the release of hostages in Gaza.