‘I Mean, Wow’: CNN’s Poppy Harlow Stunned To See Trump’s Gains Among Black Voters In New Poll

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN’s Poppy Harlow was stunned Monday to see the gains former President Donald Trump has made among black voters, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll.

A New York Times/Siena College poll found Trump leading Biden in five out of six crucial swing states by substantial margins. Trump polls ahead of Biden in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan by at least three points and by double digits in Nevada.

The poll also found that 22 percent of black voters favor Trump, a stark increase from the less than 10 percent he received in the 2020 election.

“Twenty-two percent of black voters behind Trump. That is not seen in the modern era for a Republican frontrunner, right? I mean, wow,” Harlow said. (RELATED: ‘Morning Joe’ Guest Warns Biden Will Need To ‘Sling Warm Mud’ To Avoid Defeat Against Trump)

“It’s startling,” CNN analyst Natasha Alford responded. “I looked at the Democratic response, Kevin Munoz, the spokesman for Biden, and this idea that, you know, we have a year. We can turn things around.”

“I think you have to look at this being a challenge from the very beginning, right?” she continued. “Black voters from the very beginning were saying that, ‘We will help you get Joe Biden into office, but, you know, this is not necessarily our preference.’ This was about democracy and saving democracy, and so here we are a year later. He has not been able to change their impression. Black home ownership is down. Going to the store, you know, even if jobs have improved in terms of numbers, the prices that people are paying, just, it doesn’t resonate with them. So ‘Bidenomics,’ all of the things that Biden has done to try to connect, it’s not connecting with this group.”

Biden’s lead among black voters have declined since his 2020 win, with an October Fox News poll shows Biden leading Trump 74-26 in that demographic, down from his 90 percent share of the black vote in 2020. In May, an Associated Press poll found that just 55 percent of black voters say they are likely to support Biden in 2024, compared to 81 percent of Democrats.