REPORT: Singer Darlyn Morais Dies From Spider Bite, Stepdaughter Hospitalized

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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Brazilian singer Darlyn Morais passed away Monday due to complications from a spider bite, according to multiple reports.

Morais fell ill after being bitten Oct. 31 at his home in Miranorte, Brazil, The Sun and several others reported. His 18-year-old stepdaughter is also reportedly suffering from a spider bite and has been hospitalized in stable condition.

Morais’ wife, Jhullyenny Lisboa, said that the singer experienced body fatigue and noticed changes in the color of the bruise on his face after the spider bite. His condition deteriorated rapidly, prompting his admission to Palmas General Hospital on Sunday, according to The Sun.

“He felt weakness in his body and his face started to darken on the same day. He went to the hospital and was admitted to the HGP this Sunday,” Lisboa told the media. Despite the efforts of medical professionals, Morais tragically succumbed to the complications and was pronounced dead Monday, according to multiple reports. (RELATED: University Of Michigan Shuts Down Library After Finding Venomous Spiders In Several Buildings)

Atlanta musician Gabe Lustman narrowly escaped death after being bitten by a brown recluse spider. Initially dismissing the bite, Lustman later noticed the area turning alarming colors and sought medical attention. His condition worsened rapidly, compelling him to go directly from performing at a gala to the hospital.