CNN, AP Photographer Shares Kiss With Hamas Terror Attack Architect In Unearthed Photo


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A photographer for CNN and AP received a peck on the cheek from the head of the Hamas terror group, according to newly reported photos.

The photos, shared by Free Beacon writer Noah Pollak and Honest Reporting, show photographer Hassan Eslaiah on the receiving end of a smooch by Gaza Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar. Pollak reported that Sinwar helped mastermind the Oct. 7 attacks on Israel which resulted in over 1,000 dead and over 200 held hostage in Gaza. (RELATED: Here’s How The Liberal Money Machine Is Fueling Pro-Hamas Activism)

A search of Eslaiah’s name on the AP website reveals that he has taken dozens of photos in Gaza on behalf of the outlet. Eslaiah was also apparently on the ground in Gaza during the Oct. 7 attacks, photos used by CNN through the AP show.

The AP notably held an office in Gaza, which was targeted in an Israeli airstrike in 2021. Israel claimed that Hamas occupied floors of the building, the New York Post reported. The AP says that they did not know that Hamas was in the building.

The Israeli military incursion into Gaza on the heels of the Oct. 7 attacks has sparked significant backlash from the media. Several liberal outlets ran with the debunked narrative that Israel targeted a hospital in Gaza. Left-wing outlets have also reported heavily-disputed Palestinian death toll numbers which were provided by Hamas.