‘Oh Sh*t, We’re Gonna Kill Her’: Paul McCartney Describes Crazy Mid-Concert Moment

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Paul McCartney recalled his concern for an elderly fan during one of his concerts while sharing some of his wildest tales on a recent episode of his “A Life In Lyrics” podcast releasing Nov. 15.

The legendary musician and The Beatles’ alum reflected on his career and noted a particular moment in the middle of his “Live and Let Die” performance, when he truly feared for a 90-year-old fan in the front row. She was taking in the concert and enjoying the song, but McCartney knew a powerful pyrotechnics show would be launched, along with on-stage “explosions.”

McCartney explained what it was like to look across the crowd and see the elderly woman, knowing that he couldn’t prevent the explosives from going off right in front of her.

“In the early days we did it and there was an explosion,” he said on the podcast.

“I noticed when we started it there’s like a 90-year-old woman, very old, in the front row…”

That’s when he imagined the worst might happen.

“I suddenly go, ‘Oh, shit, we’re gonna kill her!'”


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McCartney explained that “Live and Let Die” marked the moment in the set that the audience would be shocked by the surprise pyrotechnics show that would boom all around them. However on that particular day, he was worried it would shock the elderly fan.

“I can’t stop the song and go, ‘Cover your ears, love’, so I look away and ‘boom,'” he said.

The famous singer expressed feeling fearful in that moment. (RELATED: The Beatles Release One Last New Song, ‘Now And Then’)

“I look back to her, and she is loving it!” he said.

Although it all ended well, the memory stuck with the star.

The full “Live and Let Die” episode “A Life in Lyrics” podcast will be available November 15.