Automakers Are Expanding Production Of Unsellable Electric Vehicles Because Daddy Government Will Bail Them Out

(Photo by Michael Swensen/Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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An article published Sunday detailed how the Big 3 automakers plan to keep producing unsellable electric vehicles (EVs) as a result of their deal with United Auto Workers … and because they know the government will bail them out.

Stellantis, Ford and General Motors are all ploughing forward with the development of billions of dollars worth of EVs, even though no one with any sense would ever buy those absolute piece of shit cars. The new designs include full-sized SUVs, midsize pick-ups and a bunch of others, according to Fortune, but literally no one is going to buy them because they suck.

The only reason these stupid vehicles were even developed was because some idiot thought they’d actually help fight climate change. Obviously there’s zero evidence to suggest EVs help the planet, and plenty of evidence linking EVs to strip mining, child slave labor and more awfulness … but that hasn’t stopped manufacturers leaning into them. Why?

“Ford and GM offering huge discounts to clear unsold EVs at huge losses. Meanwhile they’re making deals with UAW to expand unprofitable EV projects,” writer David Asman said on Twitter. “As Steve Moore says: ‘Smells to us like yet another multi-billion dollar taxpayer bailout is coming.'”

And I couldn’t agree more. (RELATED: Watch This Tesla Get Utterly Destroyed By A Lil Bit Of Weather)

These companies know the only way to actually protect the planet is to fix and adapt existing gas-based vehicles. But they won’t do it, because then they’d have to actually do work to help real people and not just help themselves line their own pockets.