Watch This Tesla Get Utterly Destroyed By A Lil Bit Of Weather


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Mother Nature hilariously displayed her deepest feelings for the so-called “green energy” Tesla car in a video shared online Monday.

Do you want an electric vehicle to help you save the planet, despite it requiring coal-powered electricity to do so? Well, what if I told you that the same car won’t get you where you need to be quickly, but it will cost you a fortune? Just a deal!

If this hasn’t sold you on Tesla vehicles, how about knowing they also can’t withstand even the smallest amount of hail? Footage shared from Bavaria, Germany, by AccuWeather, shows a Tesla getting utterly destroyed by a hailstorm.

In the rear of the video, you can clearly see a non-Tesla car having zero trouble with the little bit of weather. Isn’t that just the funniest thing ever?

I have always found Tesla cars to be the stupidest fad. There is no such thing as a “green” vehicle when it comes to power. We all know that. And the materials needed to make a Tesla are insanely harmful to the planet — far more harmful than, say, recycling parts from old vehicles to keep your regular gas-powered truck going. (RELATED: Extreme Weather Caught On Dashcam Video Goes Viral)

But the fact Mother Nature can destroy a Tesla this easily literally made my day. The irony is gorgeous, almost purposeful from a broad perspective. And I’m so here for it.