‘Moral Cowardice … Beyond Repair’: Jewish Billionaire Quits Columbia Board Over ‘Pro-Hamas’ Protests

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Jewish billionaire and philanthropist Henry Swieca, 66, resigned from the board of Columbia Business School, stating that the university has done little to condemn “blatantly anti-Jewish student groups and professors.”

Swieca’s resignation letter was shared to Twitter on Wednesday by Columbia Assistant Business Professor Shai Davidai. In his letter, Swieca emphasized that both the university and school of business have “been significantly compromised by a moral cowardice,” noting recent pro-Hamas protests that have occurred on campus where slogans “calling for the complete destruction of Israel” were heard. (RELATED: Ivy League Schools Create Antisemitism Task Forces To Combat ‘Unacceptable’ Behavior By Pro-Palestinian Students)

“The decision to resign is not one I make lightly, but I believe it is necessary to make a clear and principled stand regarding recent events. To my deep regret, the reputation and integrity of Columbia University, and by extension, Columbia Business School, have been significantly compromised by a moral cowardice that appears beyond repair,” the letter stated.

“The recent Hamas pogrom, including the torture, rape, and destruction inflicted upon thousands of innocent Israeli civilians, was deeply revolting to me, as it should to all decent people. Statements from the University are meaningless when pro-Hamas students march on campus yelling slogans calling for the complete destruction of Israel – that’s exactly what is meant by ‘from the (Jordan) river to the (Mediterranean) sea.’ This is abhorrent,” Swieca continued. “Any other minority group on campus would never have to face anything close to this level of intimidation and hatred as Jewish and pro-Israel students experience.”

Student groups at Columbia University have protested on campus in support of Hamas and Palestine since the Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel. However, since the protests started, incidents of antisemitic attacks against Jewish students have intensified. More than 400 faculty members from the university have signed an additional open letter denouncing the student groups for “creating a hostile and unsafe environment.” (RELATED: REPORT: Harvard University Employees Among Protesters Who Bullied Jewish Student)

“With blatantly anti-Jewish student groups and professors allowed to operate with complete impunity, it sends a clear and distressing message that Jews are not just unwelcome, but also unsafe on campus,” Swieca stated.

“Given these circumstances, I am compelled to disassociate myself from Columbia Business School and any other institution affiliated with Columbia University. My resignation is an expression of my deep concern for the direction in which the university is heading.”

Swieca is not the first to openly denounce an Ivy League university for their stance on the growing issues regarding antisemitic actions on campus. Hedge fund billionaire Leon Cooperman, has vowed to stop giving the university funding until a “change” is made by the administration, according to the New York Post.