REPORT: Harvard University Employees Among Protesters Who Bullied Jewish Student

Lisa Moore Contributor
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Harvard Law Review editor Ibrahim I. Bharmal and graduate divinity student Elom Tettey-Tamaklo have been identified as part of the mob that surrounded a Jewish business student, holding keffiyeh scarves and chanting “Shame!” according to The Washington Free Beacon.

Harvard students held an Oct. 18 “die-in” on the business school lawn to protest Israel’s campaign against Hamas. When the student passed by, a group of nearly a dozen protesters repeatedly encircled him, blocking his escape and appearing to shove him, video shows. Bharmal can be seen in footage of the incident with blond dyed hair, wearing a bright yellow reflective vest, denim shirt and glasses. (RELATED: Former Gov Drops Harvard Fellowship Over ‘Dangerous Anti-Semitism’ On Campus)

Bharmal is co-president of Harvard South Asian Law Students Association (SALSA), a group that signed the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Committee’s Oct. 7 statement blaming Israel for the Hamas terrorist attack, according to Jewish News Syndicate. An archived webpage shows Bharmal as a member of the Harvard Law Review board of editors, but the link is no longer functional.

Palestine Solidarity Committee (PSC) is a name used by some chapters of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), which organizes anti-Israel campaigns across North American colleges and universities, according to antisemitism watchdog Canary Mission.

Tettey-Tamaklo works on campus as a proctor, which involves living with an supervising undergraduates, and is an organizer for Graduate Students 4 Palestine (GS4P), according to a separate post by Canary Mission.

Although a report has been filed with university police and the FBI’s Boston field office, the university has issued no statements regarding the incident.

“At least 2 of those involved have been identified as employees of the University and have not yet been dismissed from their posts,” a report to the FBI reviewed by the Free Beacon reads.