‘Your Boner Isn’t On Me!’: Julia Fox Wants To Flaunt Her Body But Doesn’t Understand Why She’s Sexualized

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous model Julia Fox wants to get naked in front of the camera, but condemns anyone who views her in a sexual light.

Seemingly wanting the best of both worlds the star, who routinely posts nearly-nude images on social media, peeled off her clothes in a recent racy photoshoot while slamming anyone who looks at her body in a sexual way. Fox posed topless for the December/January cover of Cosmopolitan U.K., then complained about being reduced to a “sexual object” during an interview with the outlet.


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Fox refused to understand that posing suggestively in barely-there clothing does indeed give sexy vibes. As much as she wants to retain control of her freedom of expression, her fans have the right to their own interpretation of her “art.”

Is the 33-year-old really naive to the fact that her bare body will be perceived as a sex object? Does she not figure posing topless might turn a few people on?

Fox’s social media accounts are jam-packed with suggestive photos.


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She’s taking her clothes off of her own free will, then complaining when fans sexualize her. Wouldn’t it make more sense to just keep her clothes on? This seems like a simple fix to fans.

“Women’s bodies should be celebrated and shouldn’t just be viewed as sexual objects,” Fox told Cosmopolitan.

“Anyone getting mad at me for showing a lot of skin has slapped this label on me as a sexual being,” she continued.

“But I’m so much more than that – and sex is the last fucking thing I do with this body.”


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The complaining about how she’s viewed seems directly correlated with the content Fox puts out, but the irony of it all seems lost on her. (RELATED: Julia Fox Says Men ‘Shouldn’t Even Be Allowed To Have Penises’, Describes How She Would Kill Them)

“I’m proud of my body. Why wouldn’t I wear something revealing, really cool and artsy? Why choose to interpret my body as a sexual object?” she asked.

“Your boner isn’t on me, that’s on you!”


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It seems viewers aren’t sexualizing her nearly as much as Fox is outright over-sexualizing herself.