Shocking Number Of People Get ‘Foreign Objects’ Removed From Bodies Every Year


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Data released in November showed almost 278,000 Americans went to emergency rooms to have foreign objects removed from their bodies in 2021.

Items found inside the bodies of Americans and guests in the U.S. included chargers, magnets, orange peel, and more, according to a report from Fox News, which cited data from U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Getting foreign objects stuck inside one’s body was the ninth-leading cause of unintentional injury and emergency room visits in 2021.

“Foreign objects being stuck in strange places is predictable at No. 9 when you consider that more than half are sex toys,” New York University Medical Center professor Dr. Marc Siegel told the outlet. “But there is also the factor of people absentmindedly poking themselves with objects, especially in the nose, ears and mouth. Serious injury can result.”

Siegel has retrieved batteries from the noses of child patients, but other, way creepier items have been uncovered. Fox noted that people have found bits of ice cream cones, Battleship game pieces, cufflinks, wet tissues, plastic swords, and insects inside of their bodies. (RELATED: Tropical Parasite Develops US-Native Strain, Forcing Scientists To Issue Health Warnings)

A study published in early 2022 discussed how one woman had to undergo surgery after pushing a small tumbler glass inside her urethra, which subsequently moved to her bladder. Here it was encased in a bladder stone over several years.