EXCLUSIVE: Disney’s Latest DEI Move Is To Give Pronoun Pins To Epcot Janitors

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Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Disney World is rolling out pronoun pins for its employees, according to multiple workers at the theme park who spoke to the Daily Caller on the condition of anonymity.

Employees at the EPCOT theme park at Walt Disney World can now fill out a form with their preferred pronouns to have them added to their name pin by scanning a QR code, according to pictures taken Nov. 5 that were provided to the Caller.

The initiative is still voluntary, according to the employees, and is currently being rolled out to all janitorial positions.

“Hi everyone, we are excited to introduce pronoun name tags in our area!” a form reads. “Pronoun name tags help us understand each other more and bring a positive impact within our community!” (RELATED: Devastated’: Family Claims Trans High Schooler Lost Acting Role Due To School’s Gender Policy)

The initiative is first being rolled out for the custodial department, before it moves to every department at the park, employees said.

Another employee had previously tried to wear a pronoun pin by their name tag and was told at the time that it was not in keeping with company uniform policy, one employee tells the Caller.

Flyers announcing the pins are still up in the custodial areas of EPCOT.

Flyers in Custodial Office at EPCOT

Flyers in Custodial Office at EPCOT


Employees who spoke with the Caller noted that they and many others did not support the new policy. A spokesperson for Disney World refused to speak on the record to the Daily Caller regarding the matter.

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