‘He’s Begging Them’: Fox Guest Slams Biden’s ‘Incredible Weakness’ During China Meeting Amid Growing Tensions

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Founder and CEO of American Majority Ned Ryun stated Wednesday on Fox News that President Joe Biden’s reluctance to call out China during a recent meeting was a display of “incredible weakness.” 

Ryun appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss Biden’s recent meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and called out Biden’s “begging” behavior towards the foreign leader. Ryun highlighted that Biden had a list of requests for Xi, however, has not held China accountable for its previous actions. (RELATED: Organizer With Deep CCP Ties Helped Bus Hundreds Into San Francisco To Welcome Chinese Dictator)  

“No, I mean, the sad part is a lot of our ruling class likes the Chinese model of governance. I don’t think they have a problem with it. They like and appreciate the authoritarianism of China and wouldn’t mind if it came onto our shores. I’m just struck by the incredible weakness that’s being displayed right now that Biden’s having to ask Xi to stop the flow of fentanyl coming into our country and begging him to stop that,” Ryun stated.  

Fentanyl has become a major issue in the U.S., accounting for almost 70 percent of more than 110,000 overdoses deaths in 2022, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The DEA also declared in 2019 that China is the “primary source” of the drug, trafficking the substance through “international mail and express consignment operations” into the U.S. (RELATED: Conservatives, Social Media Users Rage Over Chinese Communist Flags Flying Across San Francisco)

“You know, we could actually secure our border. We could actually be in control of that conversation instead of having to beg them to do that. And he’s begging them to actually have a conversation with Iran, about Hezbollah, about Hamas. Again, incredible weakness as we’re giving billions of dollars to the Iranians then having to ask the Chinese to maybe have a conversation and call off their attack dogs,” Ryun added.

“But you know, the things that aren’t going to be discussed again, Chinese spy balloons, attacking Taiwan, China building out its nuclear arsenal, again as you mentioned, the origins of COVID and basically biological warfare on the rest of the world — and what are the consequences for that,” Ryun continued.

“Of course, Biden’s never going to bring that up. And Biden’s never going to actually clearly state the existential threat that China is to our future and to our allies. He can’t do it and maybe he won’t do it because a lot of us think he’s compromised by the money that’s flowed from the CCP to the Biden family. And we can make the argument that Biden’s actually meeting with the pay master of the Biden family when he meets with Xi Jinping.”

Biden and Xi were reportedly set to seal a deal during their meeting regarding China bolstering anti-drug trafficking measures, in exchange for the U.S. lifting sanctions on the Chinese government. This would be at least the third time Xi has promised to crack down on fentanyl.