OnlyFans Model Danii Banks Kicked Out Of NFL Game For Flashing Her Boobs


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Security guards at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas escorted OnlyFans model Danii Banks out of an NFL game after she flashed her breasts.

Banks attended Sunday night’s game between the Las Vegas Raiders and the New York Jets and seemed to be having a blast. She recorded videos of herself bouncing up and down with her breasts wiggling and jiggling as she took in the game. The OnlyFans model seemingly took things too far when she yanked her shirt up and freed her breasts from her crop top, since that marked the end of her stay, according to TMZ.


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Banks’ selfie video was a few seconds long and showed her reaching over and hitting record while bouncing up and down. She then set the girls free for the camera, her boobs whipping wildly in all directions.

However, the fun soon came to a grinding halt. Banks told TMZ police officers and security guards swooped in and demanded she exit the building.


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They told her she didn’t necessarily have to go home, but they did insist Banks exit the stadium right away, per TMZ.

She clarified the police didn’t issue her a ticket, nor was she cited or arrested, but she was upset about having to leave, considering she had forked over quite a bit of money for her good seats, according to TMZ. (RELATED: Woman Claims Her Massive Boobs Got Her Kicked Off A Plane)

Banks also told TMZ officials from the stadium must have seen her flashing her breasts in the moment, since she had not posted the video to any of her social media accounts until after security asked her to leave.