Video Shows Cop Using Taser Repeatedly On Teen Panicking After Car Crash

Screenshot/YouTube/New Times

Samuel Spencer Contributor
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A video related to a federal lawsuit shows a Florida deputy tasing a then-19-year-old repeatedly after the individual sustained a violent car crash, the Miami New Times reported.

Jordan Rivero, a firefighting cadet, and some friends were driving home after a fishing trip on July 3, 2022, when the driver allegedly fell asleep at the wheel. The truck crashed into a concrete pole and first responders later found Rivero seriously injured and trapped within the car along with another individual, according to the Miami New Times.

Police bodycam footage shows deputies apparently attempting to restrain Rivero, who appeared to be suffering from shock, the outlet noted. Rivero attempted to stand up despite two deputies from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office trying to get him to sit down. Footage shows Rivero rise to his feet and struggle with the police. That is when the officer wearing the bodycam tased him “four more times within the span of one minute,” according to the lawsuit shared by the Miami New Times.

As Rivero is tased, his body tenses and he falls onto the pavement, slamming his already bloodied head on the ground. Officers continued to restrain the injured teen.

The footage shows a confused Rivero pleading with authorities during the incident. “I’m sorry, sir. I’m sorry, sir!” Rivero pleads. “Please Lord, please help me!”

“Rivero had a grand mal seizure in the ambulance shortly thereafter and was ultimately unresponsive, requiring his urgent delivery to Mariners Hospital where he had to then be transferred by helicopter to Kendall Regional Hospital due to his dire condition and the hospital’s inability to adequately treat him,” Rivera’s lawyers said in the lawsuit, the outlet reported.

“Jordan was never accused of a crime, nor was he dangerous. He was a victim of a serious car accident and in need of medical attention,” Rivero’s attorney Dena Foman told the Miami New Times. “The egregious actions of the police officers caused him great harm and further injury that will last him a lifetime.” (RELATED: New Video ‘Justifies’ Police Accused Of Brutality Slamming Woman Into Ground, Lawyer Says)

The now-20-year-old struggles to walk or run long distances due to the injuries sustained during the incident, the outlet reported. The injuries sustained during the incident have also reportedly prevented him from completing his firefighting test.