Bodycam Apparently Shows Cop Tossing Woman To The Ground, Whipping Out Pepper Spray


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Body camera footage released Tuesday apparently shows a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department deputy tossing a woman to the ground and pepper spraying her.

The June 24th incident occurred at a WinCo grocery store when deputies were apparently searching for a man and woman accused of shoplifting, according to ABC 7.

In the bodycam video the woman can initially be seen filming her husband on her phone. He is heard asking police if he’s under arrest and why he’s being detained, growing increasingly more frustrated as he’s handcuffed. (RELATED: Body Cam Video Shows Intense Moment Police Confront, Arrest Murder Suspect)

The officer who handcuffed him then approaches the woman who yells “You can’t touch me. You can’t touch me” before he apparently grabs her and throws her to the ground. While she’s on the ground the officer can apparently be heard saying “stop or you’re going to get punched in the face.”

She can tells the officer to get his knee off of her neck, exclaiming “I can’t breathe!” While the woman is on the ground, the officer apparently takes out mace and sprays it at her face.

Alternate angle of the video filmed by an onlooker shows the officer apparently yank the woman down by her neck and arm.

The deputies have been moved from field duties until further administrative review, according to ABC 7.

“Sheriff Luna has made it clear that he expects Department personnel to treat all members of the public with dignity and respect, and that personnel who do not uphold our training standards will be held accountable. In the interest of transparency with our community, the Sheriff’s Department is releasing body-worn camera video from the incident,” The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department released a statement on the incident, according to ABC 7.