Dem Rep Is Thrilled That Women Delayed Having Children To Barely Climb The Corporate Ladder

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic Colorado Congresswoman Yadira Caraveo celebrated the destruction of women on Twitter, Wednesday.

Caraveo thinks it is absolutely amazing that by the age of 50 years old, women who had access to contraceptives (birth control) only earned 8 percent more per hour than those who did not, according to her Twitter account. Caraveo, who loves telling people she’s a doctor (judging by her social media history), said she’d always defend “the freedom to choose.”

The freedom to choose, what? I was on birth control for almost a decade because another doctor who trained under our corrupt, libelous, and revolting western medical system told me it would help my skin and body. It made my skin horrendous, destroyed my hormonal cycle, and caused a depression so awful I basically lost my 20s.

I didn’t know I was choosing to do that. My doctor’s never bothered to do the research to tell me how birth control would actually impact me. And my story is not uncommon.

I don’t know a single woman who uses birth control on a regular basis and is completely normal, whether it be physically, mentally, or both. It’s taken three years for my body to return to slightly normal because of birth control. And I’ve heard horror stories of friends being sterilized because doctors like Caraveo told them birth control was “empowering.”

Oh, but at least I possibly made less than 10 percent more than my friends who didn’t use birth control (sarcasm). Twitter users seemingly felt similarly to me, ripping Caraveo for her utterly ignorant statements. (RELATED: Dear Kay: My Daughter Is A Single 35-Year-Old Career-Driven Liberal. Did I Ruin Her Life With My 80s Feminism?)

“Women can earn 8% more so that way they can pay their medical bills when they have to face all of their side effects from the pill! What a joke,” one user wrote.

Obviously consult with your doctor, and don’t take my story and data at face value. If you want to be manipulated into thinking destroying your hormonal cycle and earning 8 percent more money every month is a good thing, be my guest. You are more than welcome to be as stupid as this Democrat.