LYMAN: Democratic City Does The Unthinkable To The American Flag

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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The Democratic-leaning Massachusetts city of North Andover did the unthinkable when they raised the Palestinian flag alongside the American flag.

This well-to-do town is flying the flag of a territory that willingly harbors a terrorist organization. An organization that not only slaughtered more than 1,200 innocent people, but is holding AMERICANS and others hostage.

While Americans sit in cold, underground tunnels, likely tortured and abused, their fellow Americans are fervently slinging the flag of their captors’ shelterer high atop a pole in “solidarity.”

Is North Andover in solidarity with Palestinians who have voted in Hamas to govern Gaza? (RELATED: Father Of Young Girl Believed To Be Taken Hostage Breaks Down On CNN, Says He Will ‘Fix’ Daughter When She’s Released)

Is North Andover in solidarity with Palestinians who have harbored these terrorists for years?

Is North Andover in solidarity with Palestinians who have blamed Israel all the while Hamas uses their own civilians as human shields?

There is no equivalency, there are no claims of “fighting for freedom” that could ever justify such a disgraceful display of pure ignorance.

Of course there are claims that the flag is not representative of Hamas but rather the Palestinian “fight for freedom.”

Then riddle me this: why has the Palestinian flag been flown in protests opposing Israel after the Oct. 7 attack carried out by Hamas? If it wasn’t Palestinians that are complicit in one of the most barbaric attacks on our greatest Middle Eastern ally, then why is their flag being flown?

Why have people flocked to the streets in the immediate aftermath of the Oct. 7 attack to support Palestine if Palestinians were not at all complicit? Why have people justified the terrorist attacks as fighting for oppression, while waving the Palestinian flag?

The flag has been used to support or justify Hamas’ terrorism, to blame Israel for being attacked.

And there it billows in the wind with every gasping breath of each hostage held underneath the grounds of Palestinian territory.

Brianna Lyman is a reporter at the Daily Caller and host of “The Brink.”

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