You’ll Never See A Greater Divide In American Society Than In This Video On Bugs


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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To bug, or not to bug? That is the question. And the answers given by college kids versus regular people from Washington, D.C., are going to define this moment in our social history (kinda).

The lads from “Man vs Street” were at it again in early November, going around asking random strangers if they’d eat bugs to fight climate change. And in a stunning turn of events, most of the university students were pro-insect consumption.

One of the college kids identified as a vegetarian. But she would eat insects. So, I guess, let’s protect the cows and sheep, but, like, screw crickets? I don’t know what crickets did to this poor woman, but she clearly hates them so much she’d stop being a vegetarian in order to eat them.

I kinda get it, though. Crickets really messed up my collards this summer. They really suck as far as insects go.

Generally speaking, the everyman interviews that host Joel Gibbons conducted on the streets of D.C. were the best in this episode. Not only were most folks anti-but eating, but some called it out for the conspiracy it is.

One of the interviewees went on to note the prevalence of Bill Gates’ alleged fake clouds. And another appeared to be extremely pro-legalized cannabis. (RELATED: Children Should Eat More Bugs, Less Chocolate, Says Absolutely Insane Country)

But overall, it was fun to watch such stark juxtapositions within the social fabric of the world. Personally, I’m pro-bug eating if that’s what you want to do. I’ve thought about this a lot, and I’ve decided I really don’t care if bugs become a staple of people’s diets … so long as they don’t have to become a regular part of mine.