It’s Been Months And No One Can Disprove This Shocking Morgan Wallen Conspiracy Theory

(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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In the last few months, a handful of videos have gone viral online suggesting Morgan Wallen and Miley Cyrus are the same singer. And it’s finally time we address this conspiracy theory, and its staggering implications if true.

You may have already seen videos shared online of people speeding up Morgan Wallen’s music … because when it gets fast enough, Wallen transforms into Miley Cyrus. Seriously. I was shown a handful of these clips back in March, after Taste of Country noted the similarities. It’s been almost nine months since the revelation, and still we have no answer.

Speed up anything from “Cover Me Up,” to “Sand In My Boots,” “Chasin’ You,” and “Whiskey Glasses,” and you’ll find Wallen turns into Cyrus. Once you hear it, you will never unhear it.

At this point in our social development, the timeframe between a conspiracy theory turning into a fact is about six months to a couple of years. That means we still have time for this wild conspiracy  to be proven correct. But what would that mean for the music industry?

Trust in major institutions is already at historical lows. If Wallen turns out to be a fraud, millions of young Americans would forever ignore the assumed authorities of unelected bodies, like Hollywood and the entertainment industry. The very shape of pop culture would irrevocably shift … forever. People might even start deleting TikTok. And MTV would finally die. (RELATED: Morgan Wallen Gives Rare Statement On His Most Recent Success)

While slowing down Cyrus’s music doesn’t make her sound like Wallen, there is still no explanation as to why Wallen sounds like Cyrus when sped up. And until we get an answer, this conspiracy should absolutely remain alive. I’ll remember to remind you about it in a year or so if nothing comes up before.